When can I access Online Registration?

When your Programme is available for Registration you will receive an email. Online Registration will open on 3rd January 2018, however some programmes may open slightly later than this date.

Can all students register online?

No. Whilst the vast majority can, some programmes with unusual structures are not available online, such as Post Graduate Research courses or part time students registering on full time programmes. These students will be contacted separately, and will be able to register onsite when they arrive at DMU.

I have forgotten my username

Your username is the external email address you used to apply to DMU.

I have forgotten my password

Please click on the "Click here if you have forgotten your password" and follow the instructions. Alternatively, please email registrationqueries@dmu.ac.uk and provide the following information:

I have not received any login details

No login details will be issued to anyone until the 3rd January, and then login emails will be issued over a number of days. Some programmes are not available to register online due to their unusual structure, and students on these courses will be contacted separately.

My external email address has changed

An email will not have been sent to you before 3rd January. However, if you have received an email with your login details but can no longer access it, please email registrationqueries@dmu.ac.uk and provide the following information:

I think I have registered online but would like this to be confirmed

If you see a "thank you for your submission" message when you complete online registration, rest assured that we have received your registration. If you have reason to believe otherwise, please email registrationqueries@dmu.ac.uk with your query.

I have changed my external email address and can no longer access it

In this instance please email registrationqueries@dmu.ac.uk giving your name, programme details, former and new external email address and highlight the need for a change to be made.

Can I partially complete the registration form, and then return at a later date to finish the process?

Yes. At the end of every page in the checkout you will be asked to click "next and save".

What format should my photo be uploaded in?

Your photo should be a .jpg file, ideally of no more than 2MB, and in a passport style. Please find further guidelines on the photo upload page. The photo will be printed on your student card, and if it is not suitable for identification purposes you may be charged an administration fee for a replacement card once you are at DMU.

What will my photo be used for?

It will be held against your student record at DMU for identification purposes, and will also be printed on your student card, which you will need for identification and to access key DMU services.

Module and credit information

All year one student modules are compulsory. Please select all the modules to complete this section.

What additional qualifications should I upload evidence of?

We already hold all the qualifications you included in your application. However, you may have further qualifications, please attach a scanned copy of your certificates as part of the 'Upload Files' page.

What should I do if I can’t I find my qualification on the list of qualifications?

If you are unable to find your qualification, please set the Examining Body to "All Available Subjects" and search for the Subject as normal. If this does not work for you, you can upload a photo or scanned copy of your qualification certificate or results documentation. If you still experience problems then please bring these documents with you to your registration on arrival to DMU.

My fee is not the amount that I am expecting to pay

The headline fee for your programme is displayed for your information only. If you have any scholarships, bursaries or discounts for which you are eligible, these will not have been factored in at this stage.

Why are my fees are coming up as £1,000,000 or £99999.99 when I online register?

For some students (i.e. part-timers or distance learners) we are unable to confirm an exact fee as part of the online registration process, as we have to do individual calculation based on modules chosen. Please do not worry - you will not be charged £1,000,000 or £99999.99 for your course.

For confirmation of your fee please check either your offer/confirmation letter or our website.

As part of the completion of your registration process once you arrive at DMU, a final calculation of your fees will be done and an accurate invoice will be sent to you by email with your final fee amount on.

Why won’t it let me enter Emergency Contact details?

If the system is not accepting your emergency contact details, please log out of the online registration system and then log back in. By following this process it will allow you to enter emergency contact details.